Melchitzedek, Ascension & Self Soul-Energy Mastery / Inner Alchemy Training for the Inner Seeker and Creator

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Red Feather Melchitzedek Badge of Courage Mysteries School Vision, Mission, Purpose Statements


  • That everyone who desires to be able to learn & teach themselves to be living, create-ing, be-ing, deliberately responding from their Higher Consciousness (Also known as their Authentic Truth-Higher I AM Self, I AM Self, Soul, Oversoul, Higher-Mind/Self/Power). Instead of unquestionably, reflexively reacting, redoing, repeating actions & in-actions with their lower, smallest scope of consciousness (their ego, mental self, intellect, rational mind).
  • To be the best experience and resource for the Red Feather Badge of Courage Mysteries School. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, cutting & current edge Training, Self-Training & Self-Mastery Materials in Ascension, Archangel-Ascended Master Self-Communication, Soul Self-Energy WholeBEing Inner Alchemy & Soul Self-mastery.


  • Red Feather Melchitzedek Badge of Courage Mysteries School creates the best Ascension, Archangel-Ascended Master Self-Communication, Self  Soul -Energy WholeBEing Inner Alchemy & Soul Self-mastery Training, Self-Training & Self-Mastery Materials in the world.


The purpose of Red Feather Badge of Courage Mysteries School is to:

Enable all who want to be able to..

  • INSTEAD of always reacting the same ways with their egos, minds: Create ACTION(S) with their Personal Higher Consciousness(Truth-Soul, I AM Self) and Higher Self-energies to transform, heal, evolve themselves daily of DISCOMFORT and FEAR to COMFORT and LOVE.
  • Inner Alchemize with their UNIQUE Higher Consciousness all that is making them uncomfortable, anxious, sad, self-sabotaging, self-abusing, self-destructing, self-limiting, self-[your words here!].
  • With their SOUL authentically create their lives with their own Authentic self to create their Authentic knowing, beliefs, certainties, mission, vision, values, purpose.

About Michael Zarchian

Over 30 years’ experience.
Red Feather Badge of Courage Melchitzedek Priest.
Multi-Certified Multi-Modality Energy Healer, Higher Guidance Psychic Reader
Akashic Library Record Reader & Energy Healer.
Archangel-Ascended Master Collective Readings & Energy Healer.
Negative & Uninvited Energy, Influence removal for People\Places\Things
I AM S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Higher Self Communication & Inner Alchemy Life-Coach.
Assisting YOU to train yourself in Higher-Self Communication & WholeBE-ing Inner Alchemy. Why? SO YOU CAN Inner Alchemize your obstacles, inner resistance, procrastination, discomfort, self-sabotage with your Higher-Self into vitality, creating action, decisions, choices and self-confidence instead of with old-school Mindsets crushing through things with my fears and force of will (fighting MYSELF!). Rewire yourself for Success!
Higher Self Communication: Dependably, verifiably making decisions with your Higher Self-Mind-Consciousness.
I.A.M.S.M.A.R.T.E.R. : Inner Alchemy Method Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely. Evaluation & Renewal Goal-Creation.
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